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    Potassium Perchlorate


    Potassium Perchlorate KClO4 is an inorganic compound, it is also known as Potassium Chlorate (VII)
    It is a free-flowing white powder commonly used as an oxidising agent.

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    Potassium Perchlorate


    - Has many uses including the following :
    - a strong oxidising agent in chemical compositions
    - military applications as an explosive
    - medicine as an antithyroid agent used to treat hyperthyroidism
    - a safe oxidiser in the presence of sulphur

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    Potassium Perchlorate


    - High Quality with MSDS and COA.
    - Packed in good quality packing.
    - Normally Posted/Shipped on the day of purchase.
    - Larger orders are shipped using Tracked Service.
    - You are welcome to collect / Inspect / Test at our premises.


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Potassium Nitrate

500g to 25kg

Formula: KNO3
Good Grade
Also Known as:
CAS: 7757-79-1

From £9.99

Ammonium Perchlorate

100g to 5kg

Formula: NH4ClO4
High Grade
Also Known As:
CAS: 7790-98-9

From £11.99

Ammonium Dichromate

50g to 5kg

Formula: NH4ClO4
ACS Grade
Also Known as:
Vesuvian Fire
CAS: 7789-09-5

From £36.99